Christina Linaris-Coridou

portrait christina linaris-coridou

Christina Linaris-Coridou's work is based on passionate interest in materials from man's daily life (from the past and the present), and like an archaeologist, she reconstructs stories and emotions from forgotten or lost objects, by bringing them to our attention again in new or other context. Fabric, thread and poetry, as well as the spoken and written word are the main elements in her work. The fabric and the thread are a link between "topos" and "time" past. She uses Greek words and texts to reflect her identity, and creates her "diaries" from objects found on the street, which she sews onto textile, in a way one would in writing letters. Her video-poems, dialogues with the works of old masters, and ceramic fragments are used in her work to materialize and reconstruct her own personal artistic vision.

© C.Linaris-Coridou / R.J.Nottrot